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10 Simple Tips That Can Help You Play Golf Like A Pro

Not all golfers are lucky enough to practice all their rounds of golf with their coach lingering behind them and watching them swing to make sure they work well with every bit of technique. Obviously, not all golfers are on PGA tours round the year. Even though you might be able to afford to go for golf lessons, there are some things; you need to learn on your own. And, for most golfers, cost is definitely a prohibitive factor to afford a golf instructor round the year. Let us go through some tips that will help you play golf like a pro.

  1. Realize your weaknesses
  2. You can keep a journal to maintain the record of your greens in control, fairways hits, short game scores, total putts, etc. This will help you determine your own weaknesses of the game. You can take the help of some applications and websites to do so. They let you have a deep look at your data and stats, and also give you suggestions on what you require to practice on.

  3. Build on a pre-shot routine
  4. Having a pre-shot routine helps you in two departments: proper position of ball and proper alignment. You must have noticed seasoned players doing some strange things before they start playing. This helps them calm down and play better.

  5. Play golf more at the courses than on the golfing range
  6. Playing golf at the golf course is altogether a different experience than playing at the practice range. You will not get a side hill or a downhill at the practice range. Gain practical experience at the courses.

  7. Face competition
  8. Yes, the good old piece of wisdom states that you need to face competition to evolve as a pro golfer. What competition teaches you can never be learned at the golf courses or the practice ranges.

  9. Golf course management
  10. When you play at different courses, you can learn to manage the courses and adjust to them. Your sport also gains a lot when you practice at a different place than your inland course.

  11. Visualization
  12. Visualization is an important part of golf. Even if you are not confident of your game, you must visualize a perfect game for yourself. It will help you a lot in attaining perfection.

  13. Practice putting
  14. Go to the practice putting green and refine your game. Just spending 15 minutes a day are enough to practice it.

  15. Leave your worries
  16. Stress affects all the arenas of our life, including sports. Even though sports are proven to relieve you of stress, but it is better that you leave your worries at home to play better.

  17. Have the right attitude
  18. No matter how well you have practiced or how perfect the environmental conditions are, golf is such a game, which requires you to have the positive attitude. A negative attitude hampers your game.

  19. Go with your instincts
  20. Whatever the golf instruction manuals teach you, is true only to the extent you “feel” it right. If you feel that a certain technique is not working for you, do not practice it.