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A Collection Of Top 10 Putting Golf Tips For Newbies

In any round of golf the club that will always play the most shots is the putter. In an 18 hole round you should aim to hit two putts per hole with a single putt very much a bonus. It does mean that the onus is on you to be proficient with your putter. There is no advantage in being young and strong so to that extent a putter is very much a leveller. It is worth the time and effort to learn how to become consistent with the smallest club in the bag.

  • You must master some of the basics initially. That includes your grip, your stance and alignment. It certainly helps to have a routine that you follow every time you are asked to putt.

  • Your judgement will be called into question every time. You need to think about the pace of the green and whether you are hitting uphill or down and the extent to which that will affect how hard you hit the ball.

  • You need to believe in yourself first of all. Trust your judgement; your eyes should not lie and tell yourself that you have all the natural advantages of any other golfer.

  • Think about every putt that you make and the reasons why you might have missed.

  • Try putting with your eyes closed on the practice green. You obviously need to have looked at the hole first; sometimes your senses can be heightened when you only have the image of the hole in your mind.

  • Similarly use your visualisation skills to imagine the ball’s roll into the cup.

  • Select the line of a putt and concentrate on that not the larger picture of the green.

  • The mental aspect of golf is extremely important. It includes every shot you play including your putts. You need to be able to clear your mind of distractions and concentrate on the shot you are about to pay.

  • Don’t worry about how your stroke and stance might look. If you are comfortable then stick with it.

  • Practise. There is no substitute for spending time on the practice green when you have some spare time and always hit some putts before every round that you play. It will give you added confidence when you are putting during your round.

If you are a good putter it can compensate for any failures before you reach the green. It would be foolish not to try to improve with the smallest club in the bag.