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Beginner Golf Tips For Women: 7 Steps To Getting Started

Golf is no more just men’s game. Over the years more and more women have warmed up to golf. Parents who are golf lovers have begun to impart the knowledge of golf to their girls at a very young age. People of any age can learn golf. After seeing young girls taking up the sport if you too want to learn golf here are some ideas to get started.

  1. Even before you hire an instructor you’ll need golf clubs and other equipment. Start with the clubs. You don’t need the whole kit, a partial set with a driver, a couple of woods for the fairways, two to three irons, a wedge, and finally, a putter is all you need to begin.
  2. The concept of ‘One size fits all’ will never apply to the game of golf. Clubs made for right-handed players won’t suit the lefties. Similarly, equipment made for male golfers won’t help women golfers to improve their game.
  3. There are a few rules of the game that every player, including female golfers, need to know and follow. Equally important is the etiquette of the game. An important unwritten rule in golf is that you need to respect fellow players on the course. You might be slow at picking up the basic points of golf manners, but gradually you’ll learn all the common courtesies.
  4. You need to know the fundamentals of golf before you can spend some time practicing on the driving range. Hire a good instructor who has experience teaching the game to women golfers. The brains of men and women work differently, so you need someone who understands the female psyche very well.
  5. The next is advice is the obvious one. It’s time to put the knowledge you gather to test. Spend quality time on the driving range practicing the various golf strokes including the drive, chip, pitch, and the putt.
  6. You won’t gain mastery over all the clubs at once. Work on each club individually; work on control and precision, and once you get a hang of it move to the next club.
  7. Once you feel you’ve spent sufficient time on the driving range it’s time to test your skills on the ground. Don’t take on an 18-hole course and expect to perform well. Your initiation to the game must be gradual. Start by playing a par-3 course. Making a slow, easy start, like playing on a par-3 course, will help you understand golf, improve strategy skills, and increase the course management ability.