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Downswing Golf Instruction Tip That Helped Me A Lot Of Times

The downswing is the most important element of a golf stroke; it’s at the heart of the golf shot. Most golfers worry too much about the downswing and they sometimes focus too much on this one element of the shot. Instead of obsessing about its difficulty, learn the fundamentals of the downswing and keep it simple.

  • Let’s start with the best tip right on top. Golfers initiate the downswing not from the shoulders, but from the lower body. The weight transfer to the front foot and the hip rotation are the starting points of the backswing. Many professionals slightly tweak this strategy; they start moving the lower body even before the clubhead reaches the top.
  • When playing a swing, golfers can’t hurry up. The timing of the transition and the downswing are crucial in this shot. To gain better control over the swing, players should slow down the transition, and play the downswing not with hands or arms, but with the lower body.
  • The purpose of having a slow start to the downswing is because you need time to react. Muscles of the abdomen and the legs are strong but lack the ability to react quickly. By making your transition slower, you give enough time for the large leg and abdomen muscles to react to the shot. The foot and legs start the downswing; when you begin the downswing make sure the leading foot is well-balanced on the ground.
  • To get the downswing right, experts advise shifting weight from the back foot to the front foot. This is done to generate maximum power when the club comes down. Furthermore, at the start of the downswing pro golfers first naturally dropping the arms then turn the shoulders.
  • When playing the swing most golfers laterally slide the hips in the direction of the target. This more often than not results in a push shot. Try to achieve a full hip rotation during the downswing; always attempt to turn the right hip in the direction of the ball. Players, who rotate the hips properly, move/turn the front side of the upper body towards the target.
  • The final stage of the downswing – the impact, determines how well you have played the downswing. To generate maximum power at the point of impact you need to ensure two things happen. When you bring down the club, observe the right hand the moment the club reaches the right hip. The right-hand palm must be square to the target. Furthermore, at this point ensure the left leg is straight.