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The Key To Achieving A Perfect Golf Swing Rhythm

There have been a number of outstanding golfers over the years whose swings have not seemingly matched what teaching professionals seek in their pupils. The important thing to remember however is that these golfers were both consistent in their less than perfect swings and they were inevitably getting the club face in the correct position as they struck the ball and that is the ultimate objective of every golfer. Think of Lee Trevino and more recently Jim Furyk. You wouldn’t want to copy their swing but you would certainly like to have achieved what they have in the game.

What those two and many others have is tremendous balance and rhythm which is essential in achieving a good swing and consistent strike. Rhythm implies flow and good tempo. If you can replicate this shot after shot it will mean good contact and hopefully good scoring; unless your putting is a disaster!

The swing involves several components working in unison; shoulders and hips with knees slightly bent allow the rotation required to make the backswing and bring the club down and through the ball. The hands and arms are important of course but they do not initiate the swing but automatically follow the lead.

You have to maintain good balance throughout the stroke and that starts with ensuring that your weight is properly distributed. It is important not to be leaning too far forward because the typical result is likely to be a slice. One way to find out whether your balance is good is to see whether you can hold your final position for a couple of seconds. You don’t actually need a practice ground for that because you can practice at home without hitting a ball.

While you may not have a great technical swing you can still be a good golfer if you develop a routine and concentrate on your balance and rhythm. If you try this site you will learn more about swinging a golf club. Perhaps you should also look at some simple drills as well to assist with your rhythm:

  • Put 4 tees in the ground a few inches apart in a straight line and swing an 8 iron while you walk down the line knocking each out of the ground. If you repeat that a few times you should find a consistent rhythm and balance.
  • Put 10 balls on tees and hit them in slow motion so they go only about 15 yards. Repeat this gradually increasing your speed by 10-15%. Ultimately when you are at about 80% you should have a consistent rhythm.

It will teach you that rhythm is the key to a swing and good timing beats sheer strength every time. You need to invest time in golf if you want to be good at the game. That means understanding the key to golf and practising so that you can feel confident when you are on the course that there is no situation that you have not practised before.