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Seasoned Player's Advice On How To Plan Your Next Golf Trip

Golf trips are always amazing and they get even more fantastic when you know the right tips to plan a golf trip. You can go through the tips given below to make the most of your golf getaway.

Decide the location

There are many golf destinations around the world. You must know what is affordable and convenient for you. You can choose any of the golf destinations from Wales, Portugal, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and many more. You also have many options from United States like Florida, Alabama's Robert Trent Jones Trail and Myrtle Beach; or destinations like Sea Island, Pinehurst Resort Bandon Dunes or Pebble Beach.

Decide for a leader

If you are going in a large group, it is better to decide a leader of the group. Conflicts are happen when there are many people in the group. You can mutually decide who will take the major decisions and rest of you will have to abide by it. This will avoid major clashes among the friends.

Arrange the equipments

Beg, borrow or steal- but arrange your equipment in advance and get them transported to your hotel before you arrive there. Getting your things airlifted will save you the cost of extra luggage. You can compare prices of various airlines for getting your stuff air lifted.


You can look for alternate accommodation options instead of a hotel to save money. Your convenience, of course, is of prime importance. Book an option that is convenient to all the members of your group. There are alternative accommodations at golf towns such as short-term room rentals, hostels, homestays, vacation rentals, religious housing, academic housing, bed and breakfast with shared bathrooms, farmstays, camping, home exchange. Since you are not going to be in your room for most of your time, it is better to save on money while booking a room.

Do not go over budget

While you may think that you are going for a golf break for the first time in your life, or may be after a long time; you might like to spend more than your budget. However, this is not a good idea. Just for a week-long golf trip, you would not like to adjust your expenses for the next six months.

Take money for the unplanned

Many things are not expected on a holiday. Keep some extra money for such surprises. You would not like to compromise on a lovely activity just because you did not plan well.