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Five Great Ideas On How To Improve Your Golf Game Quickly

As a golfer, you probably do not practice as often as you would like. Luckily, there are ways to help improve your golf game without hours and hours of practice, although, let’s be honest, that will never hurt! In this article, we are going to help identify five tips you can use to raise your game quickly.

Know your weakness

Now every golfer has an Achilles heel. It might be your work off the tee, or perhaps your short game. For some, it’s putting. For those of us who are really unlucky, there might be more than one weakness. That said, knowing your weakness is the start in beating it. Perhaps you don’t really know what your weakness is. To find out, keep simple stats. This might include:

  • Fairways hit

  • Greens in regulation

  • Short game up and downs

  • Total putts taken

This will help to identify the areas where you need to pay particular attention. If you don’t have time to practice, take the time out on the course and use a few extra seconds to set up shots you struggle with.

Pre-shot routines

A pre-shot routine can be a great help to your game. Focus on aligning your body correctly as well as your position over the ball. Again, a few more seconds spent doing this can see your numbers out on the course drop significantly. A simple pre-shot routine could be something like this. Begin by getting behind the ball and placing your feet together. Now put your clubface down and pick out an area halfway from your intended target but on the same line. Look at the area you want the ball to end up while moving a small step with your left foot and a larger step with your right. The ball is now in the proper position (inside the left part of your stance, placed between your left heel and the center).


No matter how strong the other parts of your golf game are, if you can’t put, you will struggle. Take time practicing your putting. This need not be out on the course either. There is a multitude of putting aids available today that can help you, even in the comfort of your own home.

Develop a putting routine

All the tour pros have one and so should you. No matter if you are faced with a 60’ monster or a 1” tap-in, using a putting routine will help get you in the groove for each putt. For example:

  • Determine the line of the putt

  • Take a practice stroke while focusing on the hole itself

  • Address the ball

  • Take a last look at the hole and then putt

Practice with intent

Even though you may have very little practice time between rounds, making sure your practice time is focused becomes crucial. Try this simple routine.

  • Stretch to warm up and then begin your routine by hitting a few balls with your wedge using a deliberately slow and rhythmic swing.

  • Move up to the higher-numbered irons, eventually to the lower numbered irons, woods and finally, your driver. You don’t need to use every club in the bag.

  • Now that you are warm, identify an area of your game you want to work on, for instance, your swing mechanics. Again, use a number of clubs in your bag, working your way to your driver.

  • Simulate different shots you might encounter in a round. Change your clubs after every second swing. For example, take two swings practicing a chip and then two swings simulating a drive. Don’t forget to include some putts as well.

By following these simple tips, your game will undoubtedly improve very quickly.