Go to Algarve For Best Golf Experience

5 Things I Liked About My Weekend Golf Break In Central Algarve

The beauty and leisure of this place cannot be understated

Algarve is one such place in Portugal, which receives sunshine for most part of the year. Therefore, the weather is pleasant for maximum time and you can enjoy golf in virtually every part of the year. With its amazing climate, astounding reputation of golf resorts, tranquil sea views, great wine and food, there is no dearth of holiday activities in Algarve. I liked more than a dozen things about this southern part of Portugal but the things mentioned below were absolutely top rated:

Golf resorts

It goes without saying that the golf resorts of central Algarve are one of the best in the world. Many of them have been the multiple hosts of Portuguese Open championships. The undulating fairways and tranquil environment of most golf courses lets the golfers enjoy their round even if the game does not go very well. Golf has to be rated ten on ten in Algarve, without any arguments.

Adventure sports

Once you get bored of golf, no matter how excellent it is, you have the options of innumerable adventure sports. The place is ideal for those who are looking for an active vacation. Just get your advance bookings done and get into your shorts for tennis rounds, subnauta diving center, hot wheels raceway indoor carting, deep sea fishing, seafaris, skydiving, kayaking and canoeing, fitness clubs, wavesensations and many more things.


After you get tired of being active in golf and other sports, you need to relax in the lap of nature. You can ask for yoga sessions from your resort or hotel and they will guide you to attend the classes of a local yoga trainer. This is a perfect way to calm down your body.


After an early morning session of yoga, sunbathing is a perfect way to get a beautiful tan and just slow down your senses. Do not forget to take your sunscreen lotion as the heat may get too much for you to bear sometimes.

Food and drinks

The list is absolutely incomplete without mentioning the amazing food and ravishing wine of Portugal. You can step out of your hotel and experience the delight of local cuisines in the small time restaurants and bars. The wine and scotch will entice you so much so that you will always want to come back to this place once you go back to your home.