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Golf Trips Including Flights - 5 Important Suggestions

Golfers love saving money just as much as they love saving strokes by improving their bunker game. Golfers read deals just as keenly as they read greens. This article will help you plan and finance your next golf trip without needing to have a bank account as big as that of a touring professional.

  1. Play out of season
  2. Empty courses and hotels are worth nothing, as is an empty seat on a plane that has just taken off. If you are flexible in terms of when you can go away for a golf trip, your money can be worth 2-4 times as much.

  3. Look for last minute flights
  4. There are many websites where you can view compare prices from a variety of different providers. You can even take multi-city routes if you don't mind the inconvenience. You can always read a book or a magazine while you wait for your connecting flight.

  5. Hire or pack clubs?
  6. Calculate if it would be cheaper for you to take your clubs on the plane, or for you to hire clubs when you get there. Airline fees for extra baggage can be excessive these days and you can hire a new set of Taylor Made irons at your destination course for a reasonable price.

  7. Tighten your purse strings
  8. What can you go without? Do you really need to hire a golf cart? Or can you invest in a good hat to protect you from the sun and get a good cardio workout at the same time? Do you need to play the championship course or can you have as good a time on a cheaper course? Saving money requires ruthlessness and making financial sacrifices does not mean lowering enjoyment.

  9. Shop around and get quotes
  10. Is it cheaper to get it all in one place through a golf travel agency or can you patch together the holiday yourself by finding the flights and the accommodation yourself? If you don't mind doing the grunt work yourself, you can save a lot of money by arranging accommodation, rounds and transport yourself.

Up until the past few years, golf trips were the domain of the ultra-rich. However, with the rise of cheap airlines and a global economic downturn, many middle-class people can enjoy playing golf in luxurious locations without costing an arm and a leg.