Go to Algarve For Best Golf Experience

Planning Summer Golf Holidays In Portugal's Santa Cruz

Finding Santa Cruz

If the only Santa Cruz that you've heard about is the beach town in Northern California and the only golf region in Portugal that you've heard about is the Algarve, this article will open your mind.

Santa Cruz is situated on the eastern shores of the island of Madeira. While Madeira is officially part of Portugal, it is actually closer to Morocco than Lisbon (360 and 540 miles respectively). To term Madeira "an island" is a misnomer the area is actually a collection of islands with only Madeira and Porto Santo inhabited.

The Gulf Stream passes through Madeira and leaves warm, comfortable summers (unlike the Algarve which can be blisteringly hot) and mild winters. Madeira's mountainous topography, and regular rainfall create an all come together to form a climate perfect for all kinds of plants and vegetation.

Getting to Santa Cruz

The nearest airport to Santa Cruz is Santa Catarina Aiport which you can get to from many European capitals in three or four hours - enough time to watch two films on the flight.

Once you get out of the airport, a quick 2.5 kilometers (10 minute) drive from will get you to the costal town of Santa Cruz.

Golf in Santa Cruz

Golfing options in Santa Cruz are concentrated to two areas: Santo Antonio Da Serra and Sao Goncalo.

Here are some golf courses and accommodation options in the Sao Goncalo area:

  • Casa Velha Do Palheiro – A luxury 5-star resort and home to Palheiro Golf

  • Palheiro Village – stay here and play at the Porto Santo golf course

  • Santo da Serra Golf Course – Originally built in 1937, the course was revamped by Robert Jones Senior. This course is said to be one of the most beautiful in Europe. This course should be on anyone’s “100 Golf Courses to play before you die” list.

If you want to play golf in the San Antionio Da Serra region, check out some of the following courses and accommodation:

  • Porto Bay Serra Golf

  • Enotel Golf – play golf while enjoying a relaxing stay in a peaceful village.

  • Clube de Golf do Santo da Serra

Beyond golf in Madeira

Of course, Madeira has so much more to offer than high-quality golf. Some would say that it beats the Algarve hands down for historical sites and natural beauty. Join one of the many guided tours along the coast of the island.