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Fool Proof Strategies To Cure Your Golf Swing Faults

Consistency is the secret to good golf. You must be able to replicate your swing time and again with only slight variations to how you hit a driver to a short iron. If you can get your mind and body used to hitting the golf ball then you can achieve that consistency. The problem is if your swing has obvious faults which will affect your performance every time.

You need to practise to improve your game but you must practise the right things. Periodically you should refer to a local professional who can give you an assessment as to whether you have allowed faults to creep back into your swing but first of all you must get it right in the first place. Time is of little use if it is spent doing things that are incorrect.

The Important Elements

The elements of a swing are:

  • Stance and creating the right angles with a straight back
  • Slightly bent knees and good balance
  • Weight distribution is fundamental and the transference of your weight through the shot.

You need to develop a smooth back swing and good rotation. It is essential that you take your club back as your hips rotate, accelerate in the down swing and achieve a follow through that mirrors your back swing.

A good swing teacher will look at your typical swing and identify the problems in your swing. Once you have good posture and balance he or she will want to see that you bring the club back correctly and certainly not outside because from that position at the top of the back swing you will find it extremely difficult to hit the ball consistently well.

The Trained Eye

There may be some obvious things to the trained eye that need correction. Each, if there are more than one, must be addressed. The onus will always be on you to put in the time needed to make the recommended changes and then it is a matter of getting an appointment to see whether you have succeeded in implementing the advice.

There actually aids that can help you achieve the desired swing path, aids which prevent you from taking back the club in anything other than the recommended path; they can certainly help. If you have apparently solved your swing issues that does not automatically mean that your game will improve overnight but as time goes by you will recognise that you are more consistent and that should increase your personal confidence in your game. That is certainly a step forward.