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Things That Make Oceanico Old Golf Course Unique

In the quiet part of the Europe stands a small piece of land that is truly blessed by nature. Yes, we’re referring to the Algarve region in Portugal. Nature uses the traditional fishing villages, awesome beaches, stunning cliffs, and marshes to attract tourists to this region. But, the majority of holidaymakers visiting the region do so for the fantastic golf courses that have over the years become the main attraction of Algarve.

The Oceanico Old Golf Course in the coastal town of Vilamoura is one the oldest and most popular courses in Algarve. Tourists visiting Algarve with golf on their minds must surely play at the Oceanico Old Golf Course for the following reasons.

  • Golf lovers visiting Algarve for its weather, but also thinking of the traditional English parkland golf courses will love the Oceanico Old Course. This Vilamoura attraction designed by Frank Pennink is often described by many as the Grande Dame of Algarve.

  • Opened in 1969, this course is perfect in every respect. The landscape is just gorgeous and the course that runs through the pine trees, adds beauty to the already amazing terrain. Golfers playing at Oceanico Old will never feel like leaving the place.

  • In the mid-90s, the management decided to renovate the golf course to enhance its appeal. No major changes were required as the course was already perfect. The renovations were made to increase the appeal of the course to the younger golf tourists. Along with the minor changes, a new putting green and an attractive clubhouse were created.

  • At most other golf courses the principle hazard for golfers are the bunkers and water bodies. But, at the Oceanico Old, it’s the pine trees that play the role of the hazard. This unique challenge has many golfers queuing up to play on the Vilamoura course.

  • The Oceanico Old Course is one of the best maintained in the region. The staff uses sophisticated irrigation system and modern techniques to maintain the grass and the course in general. The management takes environment protection very seriously. The systems put in place, the equipment used, and training of staff is in compliance with the environmental guidelines set by Green Globe Programs and ISO 14001.

  • The Oceanico Old Course in Vilamoura has a number of attractive holes. No two holes are alike in challenge and layout at Oceanico Old. The challenging holes and small greens leave no room for errors. Golf club selection, shot selection, accessing the conditions, and accurate gameplay is some of the essential skills needed to perform well on this course.