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Tried And Tested Advice For Newbies Learning Golf Basics

Golf with its subtle body and muscle movements can be very intimidating for newbies just beginning to understand the game. It need not be so. Beginners need to realize that the game is all about understanding the basics. Once that is covered, fear will automatically make way for confidence, which will open up the pathway for a very promising golf career. Below given are some of the basics that every novice of the game must master.

The Proper Way to Grip

Each sport has its own unique way of holding the equipment. You can’t grip the golf club the same way you do with the baseball bat. Golf clubs require a more delicate hold. Your hand closest to the target is the leading hand, grip the club with it. The thumb of the lead hand must run down the grip. Now, use the other hand to hold the club, just below the lead hand. The thumb of the other hand must also point down the grip. The index finger of the lead hand and the little finger of the other hand must be interlocked with each other.

How to approach the ball

The stance and the posture play a key role in the success of the golf shot. When you’re too eager to learn, composure becomes the first casualty. Don’t try too many things; remember to adopt any approach that’s comfortable to you. We don’t want to force you with too many details. Just keep in mind that when addressing the ball your feet must be shoulder-width apart and the knees slightly bent. The upper body must be slightly leaning forward, towards the ball and also keep your spine straight. To lean forward, create an angle with the hips and not the waist. Finally, the arms and hands must be relaxed.

Three Key Elements of the Swing

To execute a perfect golf stroke you need to master three key elements: the takeaway, the impact, and the follow-through. Before you play the takeaway, plant the feet firmly on the ground. Keep your upper body and the head still throughout the stroke. Throughout the backswing, your lead arm must be straight. Lead the downswing with your hips and keep your eyes on the ball at impact. Don’t force the shot, accelerate through the swing, and strive to achieve a full follow-through.

Controlling the various muscles that govern the swing might be hard for a budding golfer at first. A good instructor and regular practice can help immensely through this initial tough phase.