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Easy And Effective Golf Hints And Tips For Children

As a golfing parent, nothing could be more incredible than your children showing an interest in the game that you love. But golf is a challenging game and keeping your children interested can be a difficult task, especially when they lose interest because it may seem like they are not making any progress.

In this article, we will explore a few ways that you can use when introducing the game of golf to your children and keeping them interested in it.

The right equipment is important

There is no way your child will begin to succeed at golf and therefore enjoy the game if they have the wrong equipment. A cheap second-hand bunch of clubs won’t work. They need to be the correct size for the child and therefore a junior set of clubs is a must. Luckily, these are often not expensive and if you want to keep the costs down even further, consider buying a driver, a wedge, a couple of irons and a putter. Once the child shows a real interest, you can purchase a full set.

Let them decide how to go about it

Let’s be honest, teaching a child to hold the club correctly from the beginning is going to be a tough job, especially if they are fairly young. So let them go about it their own way, especially when just starting out. The first thing they should be doing is having fun and if you are nitpicking on their grip, the chances are that they will quickly stop wanting to play golf. Let their love for the game grow and adjustments to the actual way they play can be made at a later point.

Practice is important

As with your golf game, a kid should get a fair amount of practice in whenever possible. This is easier to do when practice facilities or golf courses are less full, especially if they just want to putt all day for example. Try the late afternoon, a time when courses and practice facilities are often quieter.

Always keep the fun factor high

Scoring is not important when your child is learning the game. By keeping it fun, you can easily keep them engaged. You want your child to enjoy the game without any pressure. Keep praising them, even when things might not be going as you anticipated. Keep their excitement levels up and you will have a golfing partner for life.

Keep coaching visual

When they time comes to refine their game, use visual cues to make it easier for them to understand. For example, show them the correct grip as opposed to trying to explain it to them. They can then try it for themselves with you helping them to correct it along the way.

Teaching your child to play golf is going to take patience. Get it right and you won’t regret it.