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Advice For Those Who Like Playing Golf In Bad Weather Conditions

No golfer wants to venture on the golf course when the weather is bad. Certainly, it’s not a golfer’s dream to play on a wet or windy day. A gentle breeze and sunshine are the preferred choices of each and every golfer. But, there are times when you feel like trying something different, such as to test your skills in the rain and windy weather conditions. Excelling in bad weather can give you confidence and an advantage over others. Here are a few tips to help you perform when the conditions aren’t just right.

Protect your bag

You can’t avoid getting wet in the rain, but the golf gear can be prevented from getting drenched. Not all golfers can afford to hire a caddy, so most of them have to carry the bag themselves. That’s perfectly okay if the weather is good. To prevent the bag from getting wet in rain use a push trolley or an electric trolley with an umbrella attached to keep the clubs dry.

Keep hands dry

Being well prepared for rain is the key to counter bad weather. One of the reasons golfers perform poorly in the rain is because their hands and grips get wet. It’s not possible to take a decent swing with wet hands and grips. You can keep the clubs dry using an umbrella on the trolley and for hands, it’s best to buy a pair of waterproof gloves.

Sometimes, it is best to be prepared. Spend some money on waterproof golf wear like gloves, footwear, T-Shirts, pants, etc. Furthermore, to keep gloves dry pack them in a waterproof bags. Additionally, carry extra dry towels in your bag. Taking one or two more towels, gloves, etc. won’t hurt.

Adjustment to the game

Even with dry gloves and grips, it’s unwise to swing too hard in wet weather. The ball won’t fly too high or far either. Your first priority should be to get all the fundamentals right, without trying too hard. Take additional clubs with you and use dry ones as much as possible. Pay attention to balance and try to achieve a smooth swing.

Keep the spin to a minimum

On most occasions, rain is also accompanied by the wind. More spin in the gusty wind will only increase the influence of the wind on the ball. The best advice any coach can give here is to keep the spin on the ball to a minimum when playing in bad weather.