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Four Pieces Of Advice On Driving Ball Position You Should Remember

Good ball positioning is important so you can hit the ball in the direction you want it to go after contact. This seems simple enough but elements behind it can be a little complicated in the beginning. Ball position isn’t that difficult to work with, but how you tackle the shot in your approach can make a difference in the end. As you learn more about aspects of ball position start practicing more. One of the best ways to really learn from your mistakes is to practice. Here are 4 pieces of advice to consider on driving ball position.

  1. Play ball closer to your heel or big toe to encourage better upward swing motion and ball spin. In other words, work to line it up inside your lead foot. This helps give yourself footing as you work to swing your club and make contact. It sets you up for solid contact while ensuring the ball stays on the target line toward its target.
  2. Have most of your weight on one side. If you are right-handed roughly 60 percent of your weight should be on your right. This helps in hitting the ball upward and tilting your body slightly to create the lift. Your body actually helps create the lift instead of just trying to hit the ball from a certain angle. This creates control necessary to get the ball moving where you want it to go.
  3. Ball position should be brought further back if you are using a shorter club. This helps club drive into ball instead of sweeping ball off the green. Few golfers make the mistake of trying to sweep the ball when this creates a result you don’t need.
  4. Part of the ball should sit on top of the driver. Put your driver next to the ball and see how high it sits up. It will make a difference when you swing to hit the ball. There are golfers not aware of placement of the clubhead. If the ball is in place and in good position the clubhead should be able to come into contact at the spot. When it doesn’t make good contact the ball may not travel as far or you may not have as much control of its movement as you would like.